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“You get the sense here that everything is in balance, in harmony - the counterpoint to fear.”

Bill Bennett, Director of Facing Fear


Facing Fear is a film that details one man’s global search to find ways to handle his fear, after he received some devastating news. Behind the Fear documents the role Tasmania played in exploring this complex human emotion.

After receiving some devastating news that catapulted him into fear, Australian filmmaker Bill Bennett set off around the world to seek out experts, hoping to learn how to best handle his fear.

Behind the Fear follows Bill and Jennifer Bennett on their location survey in Tasmania. Their hope was to find striking visuals in the remote areas of Tasmania’s west coast to depict the film’s scenes that are both rugged and beautiful in equal measure, reflecting the often-misunderstood subject matter of fear.



The film that resulted, Facing Fear, features world-renowned scientists, therapists, medical researchers and physicians, as well as metaphysicians, who examine fear from their own unique perspectives. The film discusses the biology and culture of fear, whether love is the antidote to fear, how it shapes our world, and how to understand our fears, and even befriend them so that they cease to become a destructive force in our lives.

Luminaries that appear in the film include Dr Joe Dispenza, Dr Bruce Lipton, Caroline Myss, Paul Selig, Lee Carroll (Kryon), James Van Praagh, Foster Gamble, Sister Jenna and Judith Richards. The result is a unique perspective that examines fear scientifically and spiritually.


Ultimately, the film provides hope and inspiration, and the tools to manage our fears so that we can use this much-maligned emotion to lead a richer, awe-inspiring life. 


Franklin D Roosevelt famously said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Facing Fear shows that there’s no need to fear our fear. In fact, if properly understood and managed, it can become a powerful agent for transformation.

Bill Bennett came to Tasmania looking for locations and left feeling renewed.
Facing Fear - now showing in cinemas (

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