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Whether you’re here for the city, the wilderness or the festivals, Tasmania’s winter weather can get a little…cool. 

This isn’t to say that the sun doesn’t shine – mornings in winter can be sunny, crisp and mesmerizingly still. But come back in the afternoon (or half an hour) and it’ll often be a different scene. Sometimes it even snows.

But don’t let the weather get you down: the Off Season is when you can avoid the crowds and meet the real Tasmania. Just rug up and come properly equipped. You can warm up in front of a hotel fire later on.

In the city


Escape the mainland malls and revel in Tasmania's urban virtues. Along with a ubiquitous 'Tassie tuxedo' (puffer jacket), here's what you'll need on the streets: 

  • Discover Tasmania App Download the official app and hit the ground running. Don’t forget your phone charger.
  • Woollen beanie Accessorise with a scarf, why don't you?
  • Rainwear Soggy tourists have less fun. Go for something lightweight so you can carry it around and pack it away.
  • Comfy shoes Slow down and check out the architecture: comfort is a must when experiencing Tasmania's cities on two legs.
  • Water bottle Keeps you hydrated and saves you from having to buy one.
  • Backpack Keeps your snacks handy, with space for shopping.
  • Keep cup The coffee in Tasmania is great, but so is the environment.
  • Sunscreen This is Australia, after all.
  • That book you've been meaning to read Cosy-up by the fire in the pub, hotel, B&B...


Into the wild

Venturing into Tasmania’s winter wilderness is a soul-enriching experience – but like every good scout, be prepared and put safety first. Choose walks appropriate for your fitness level; bring equipment and gear for all weather conditions; use the provided logbooks to record your plans; let someone know where you’re going and avoid walking alone.  

It’s important to check the weather, fire and flood conditions and stay up to date on alerts. Before you visit a national park in Tasmania, make sure you read this essential information.

And remember to embrace the ‘Leave No Trace’ ideology (you know it makes sense).

  • Walking boots Tasmania’s trails can get wet and muddy.
  • Thick socks Forget the flimsy office versions and get serious.
  • Waterproofs The brighter the better: hi-vis means you’re easy to spot if things go south.
  • Water bottle It may be pristine wilderness, but no one really wants to drink the rivers.
  • Sunscreen Even when it’s not sunny…yada, yada, you know the drill.
  • Thermals There aren’t many clothes shops in the bush, and you can always take them off if you get too toasty.
  • Broad-brimmed hat Sunproof and rainproof – and you’ll feel like Indiana Jones.
  • Binoculars The local wildlife doesn’t like to get too close.
  • National Parks pass If you don’t have one, they won’t let you into some of the best bits. Get yours here.


...And for the more intrepid

  • Compass Phones lose signal pretty quickly in wilderness areas and so can’t be relied on.
  • Wristwatch When your phone dies, so does your timekeeping.
  • Torch Magical superpowers: see in the dark.
  • Satellite phone and/or personal locator beacon (PLB) So someone can find you if you’ve lost yourself.
  • Paper maps Online maps don’t work offline.
  • EpiPens If you have severe allergies, you may need more than one shot while you wait for help to arrive, so bring a couple.
  • Lighter Fire = warmth = survival.
  • Poo trowel Head 100m off-track and bury it 15–20cm deep (including toilet paper).
  • First-aid kit No brainer.


Party prone

Off Season is festival season, with plenty of ways to keep warm on a long winter night.

  • Snazzy outfits It’s not where you go, it’s how you look when you get there.
  • Drinking shoes Yes, some events can get a little boozy.
  • Hair to let down Tasmania is big on public partying.
  • Hashtags Let your mates know what they’re missing. #DiscoverTasmania #TassieOffSeason
  • Rideshare app You’ll need to get to bed eventually.
  • Your friend’s number written on your hand For when you lose your phone (and your friend).
  • Water bottle Hydrated revellers are happy revellers.
  • An open mind It’s the Off Season. Things can get a little leftfield...

OK, let's go.

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