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Arts and culture

Tasmania has a rich arts and cultural life with world-class museums, art galleries and local designers. Start your adventure in Tasmania today.

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Tasmanian Arts and Cultural Experiences

You don't have to travel far to find amazing arts and cultural experiences in Tasmania. There's everything from small artist-run spaces to world class museums, cutting edge contemporary art galleries and festivals for almost every possible interest.

This wealth of creativity comes from an active community of artists, designers and performers who are inspired by Tasmania's natural environment.

Evidence of this can be found just about everywhere. Visit the Tasmanian  Museum and Art Gallery in Hobart, the Queen  Victoria Museum in Launceston or the many smaller art galleries and local venues around the state.

The Museum  of Old and New Art - Mona in Hobart combines all of these in a mind-blowing showcase of international treasures and contemporary art. It also hosts an impressive program of events including MONA FOMA in summer and Dark MOFO in winter.

Speaking of festivals and events, Tasmanians loves to get together and celebrate all kinds of creativity, from craft and film making to singing and traditional boat building.

There's also a strong live music and theatre scene with everything from a world class symphony orchestra to underground acts and performance art.

Wherever you go in Tasmania, there are inspiring art works to be found - even where you might least expect it.