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Horse Riding

Experience Tasmania's wilderness from a different perspective – on horse back. Discover a new side of Tasmania today with an outdoor adventure.

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Horse Riding in Tasmania

Experience Tasmania's wilderness from a different perspective – on horse back. In Tasmania there are treks through the Tassie bush, along pristine coastline, through the high country and around alpine lakes and mountains.

The Tasmanian Trail stretches from north to south and provides a journey rich in cultural and natural heritage. The trail winds through forests and farmlands, crosses highland plateaus and passes the buildings and bridges of some of Australia's oldest towns.

Head to Cradle Country and traverse the tracks of Speeler Plain while surrounded by the peaks of Tasmania's iconic Cradle Mountain in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. A ride in this beautiful part of Tasmania rewards with a changing landscape and unique views of Cradle Mountain, Mt. Roland, and Barn Bluff.

Many more guided horse rides are also available across the state, from beach walks to highland treks and journeys through the beautiful Huon Valley. Travel in small groups for a social ride and if one day isn't long enough, book yourself in for a multi-day adventure with camping or cabin accommodation on the way.

In Tasmania, you can be guaranteed to discover great trails, quiet roads and even more natural beauty, wherever the path may lead.