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Motorcycling in Tasmania

Is there any better way to escape than on a motorcycle? Riding doesn't just get you to a place – it is the place: you're part of the landscape and not just passing through it.

In Tasmania, where the freedom to be your self is still prized, you'll find a warm welcome, plenty of local riders happy to share their knowledge and great roads. There are also beautiful coastlines, mountainous wilderness and unbelievable scenery, no matter where you stop.

You can also get from mountains to sea in practically no time - and there's not a lot of traffic to worry about either.

Tasmania's East Coast Ride is already talked about by motorcyclists and a great place to tour for small groups. And while our west coast is not so well known for motorcyclists, it's equally rewarding, given the road and the fact it passes through World Heritage Wilderness.

So whether you ride for passion or practicality, a ride in Tasmania is as good as it gets.