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Walking in Tasmania

One of the best ways to experience Tasmania's natural beauty is with your own two feet. Tasmania has over 2,800 km of managed walking tracks and over 880 separate walks in national parks, reserves and conservation areas - most within easy reach of our city centres.

Whatever you call it: bushwalking, hiking, trekking or tramping – Tasmania offers trails ranging from short and easy walks through temperate rainforests to multi-day walking adventures up some of our tallest mountains.

Wildlife encounters are common and you'll have plenty of chances to spot endemic plants and wildlife along the way.

There are guided and independent walks to suit all interests – from mountain peaks, cool temperate rainforests and alpine adventures to coastal walks, heritage walks and city walks.

We even have walks to discover Tasmania's fine food and wine.

The Great Walks of Tasmania is a collection of eight outstanding guided walks that showcase over 300 of the most beautiful kilometres on the island with guides who make walking an experience to remember.

Tasmania is also home to five of the twelve Great Walks of Australia. Guests can explore the wilderness with local guides, enjoy fresh produce and wine and stay in luxury tented camps and lodges along the way.

Tasmania's newest guided walks

The Three Capes Track, which was opened in 2015, is an award-winning, multi-day walking adventure atop Australia's highest sea cliffs in Tasman National Park. This 3-day walk is Tasmania’s newest addition to the Great Walks of Australia.

Tasmania's latest walking experience is the wukalina walk, a 4-day/3-night Aboriginal owned and operated guided walk based around Larapuna/Eddystone Point and wukalina/Mt William areas and incorporating the famous Bay of Fires. Opening in January 2018, wukalina walk is the first major indigenous experience of its type in Tasmania. The walk is a cultural experience that will deepen guests’ understanding of Palawa (Tasmanian Aboriginal) culture and community history, providing an opportunity to walk with Palawa guides, hear creation stories first-hand and participate in cultural practices.