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Western Wilds

Wander in rainforests and chase waterfalls. The rugged landscapes of the north west deliver beauty and space to calm and excite in equal measure.

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4 days in the North West

Waterfalls and wilderness walks

Wander in rainforests and chase waterfalls. The rugged landscapes of the north west deliver beauty and space to calm and excite in equal measure.

Day 1 - Waratah

White water falls from the edge of a ravine and into the green forest below.

Waratah Falls / Places We Go

  • It’s no longer the bustling mining town of its heyday, when it supported the largest tin mine in the world, but Waratah‘s unique charm remains – it even has a waterfall in the centre of town.
  • Join an afternoon tour of the abandoned tin-mining settlement of Magnet with Magnet Tarkine Tours. Follow old tracks, hear pioneering stories, and fossick at one of Tasmania's few dedicated fossicking sites.
  • You can’t miss Waratah Falls in the town centre. On the outskirts of town, see Philosopher Falls via an easy 45-minute track to the base of the falls. It’s sure to inspire further adventures into the takayna/Tarkine region.
  • Overnight at the heritage-listed Bischoff Hotel in Waratah and gather around a blazing fireplace with friendly locals and fine local drops.

Day 2 - Waratah to Corinna

A man in a red single kayak slowly paddles upstream on the glassy, reflective water of the Pieman River.

Kayaking on the Pieman River / Places We Go

  • Stock up on supplies at the local roadhouse before heading to the old mining settlement of Corinna, now an eco-tourism haven surrounded by temperate rainforest and threaded with walking tracks.
  • Take to the Pieman River aboard Arcadia II, a 17-metre boat built in 1939 from Huon pine. Keep an eye out for Huon pines along the river's edge, some of which are more than 3000 years old. Tasmania's Western Wilds is the only place on Earth where these majestic trees stand.
  • Hire a kayak to further explore the network of rivers, and be sure to stop at Lovers Falls, a favourite with kayakers on the Pieman.
  • Overnight at Corinna in one of Corinna Wilderness Experience’s cottages.

Day 3 - Corinna to Tullah

A woman stands on a rocky outcrop, looking out into the bay.

Trial Harbour / Paul Fleming

  • Cross the Pieman River aboard the Fatman barge, then head to the tiny coastal community of Trial Harbour on winding gravel road for part of the way, surrounded by buttongrass plains and craggy coastal panoramas.
  • Visit the town of Zeehan, with its grand mining-boom streetscape and rich mining history. South of Rosebery, take the three-hour return walk to Montezuma Falls, Tasmania's highest and arguably most majestic waterfall.
  • In Rosebery, stock up on fresh treats from the local bakehouse. For a scenic place to enjoy those pastries, take the short walk to the lookout at Stitt Falls.
  • Overnight at Tullah, a small town on the edge of Lake Rosebery, staying at Tullah Lakeside Lodge. The local tavern has the longest bar in Tasmania. Now that's worth toasting.

Day 4 - Corinna to Cradle Mountain

An ariel shot of Crater Lake on a cloudy, overcast day, with Cradle Mountain in the background.

Crater Lake, Cradle Mountain / Jason Charles Hill

  • It's time to experience one of Tasmania's best-loved landscapes. Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park is part of the extensive Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area and features ancient rainforests, snow-capped mountains, glacial lakes and alpine heaths.
  • From the park’s northern edge, the rugged peaks of Cradle Mountain tower over Dove Lake. A range of walks here cater to all tastes and abilities, from the 10-minute, wheelchair-accessible Pencil Pine Falls and Rainforest Walk, to day-long alpine circuits for the experienced and energetic.

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