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Eucalyptus regnans Blue Tier Giant

Walk to the Blue Tier Giant

The Blue Tier plateau in Tasmania's north-east is an exposed sub-alpine plateau 600 metres above sea level, with a rich mining history and magnificent natural heritage. There are a range of walks in the area from a short 400 m circuit to a 10.5 km walk one way to Weldborough for the more adventurous.

One of the lesser known walks is the Blue Tier Giant or 'Big Tree' walk. The walk descends through huge eucalypts, musk, myrtle, mosses and ferns to the majesty of the Blue Tier Giant, the widest living tree in Australia. This massive Eucalyptus regnans has a girth measuring an amazing 19.4 metres.  Allow two hours for the walk - plus a refreshing stop at the Weldborough pub or picnic at Little Plains look-out.

To get there continue on the Tasman Highway from Weldborough Pub to Little Plains Lookout - 6.8 kilometres from Welborough - where you'll see a small sign indicating Lottah Road. Drive into Lottah Road about 1 kilometre to the quarry on the left-hand side. Set your odometer to 0. Just past the quarry, about 200m on the right, is Lehners Ridge Road (unsigned). Turn into Lehners Ridge Road and drive mostly downhill till your odometer reading is 1.7 kilometres. There is a small pull-off area on the right.

The start of the walk is well marked and easy to follow along downhill contours. There's an amazing stone bridge that takes you onto an old tin mine water race. After following the water race for about 200 metres you'll head downhill again.

At the base of the walk is the Blue Tier Giant or 'Big Tree', the widest living tree in Australia at 19.4 m rbh (radius at breast height ~ 1.4 m from roots). Talk about tree hugging; it takes 15 people to wrap their arms around this one.

The track will bring you back onto the water race, where you will retrace your steps.  However you could also return via the Groom River.