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One of the best drives in Tasmania, passing behind the Wellington Range, through the Huon Valley where the highway meets the mighty Huon River. Discover Tasmania today.

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Huon Valley The Huon Valley

Things to Do in the Huon Valley

The beautiful Huon Valley begins just 30 minutes from Hobart and extends to the southernmost place in Australia. Book a couple of nights accommodation as there is lots to see and do.

Before Huonville, stop at the Willie Smith’s Apple Shed, Cider House and Providore at Grove and discover the traditions behind the once flourishing apple orchards of the region along with contemporary techniques for making organic cider.

From Huonville the road follows the Huon River, once the lifeblood of the region, for some 20 kilometres south to Port Huon and then Geeveston where the river broadens before joining the sea.

At Franklin, visit the fascinating Wooden Boat Centre and Boat Building School where shipwrights impart traditional skills to students from around the world.

Continue on to Port Huon. The stretch between Franklin and Port Huon is one of the best you’ll find in Tasmania. If the weather is calm, the reflections in the Huon River are unsurpassed. Keep your eye out for roadside stalls on the way.

At the far end of the valley past Port Huon is Geeveston and the nearby Hartz Mountains National Park.

At Geeveston, the Geeveston Visitor Centre is a must for anyone interested in the state's forests.

Also nearby is the Hastings Caves Reserve where you can relax in the warm waters of a thermal springs pool, walk in the forests of the reserve and enjoy the unique experience of exploring Newdegate Cave, the largest tourist cave in Australia.

Return to Huonville then turn off for an alternative route back to Hobart along the meandering shoreline of the D'Entrecasteux Channel past the picturesque small townships scattered among the hills.

Don't miss the hamlet of Woodbridge with its waterside restaurant, Peppermint Bay, featuring local produce served in a beautiful setting.

Next door is Grandvewe Cheeses where you can watch sheep being milked in preparation for the production of their fine organic cheeses, all of which can be sampled in their tasting room.

And at Taroona, just before you reach Hobart, climb to the top of the Shot Tower (1870) for terrific views of the Derwent River estuary and a fascinating insight into the art of making lead gunshot. It's right beside the highway - you can't miss it.

With fresh produce, beautiful countryside, wilderness and waterways,  a couple of days in the Huon Valley makes for a great experience on the roads less traveled. If your time is short, consider a day drive to just one or two activities in the Huon.


For more things to do in the Huon Valley see our self-drive journey, Southern Edge.