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New Norfolk

New Norfolk is a bustling town on the River Derwent that's rich in history, quality produce and pretty rural scenery. Discover a new side of Tasmania today.

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New Norfolk

New Norfolk is a bustling town on the River Derwent with a rich history, quality produce and pretty rural scenery. It's also the commercial and residential heart of the Derwent Valley.

The town is the third oldest settlement in Tasmania, established by evacuees relocated from Norfolk Island after the island prison was abandoned in 1807. It's historic past is evident in the many early buildings found in the town including one of Australia's oldest pubs and Australia's oldest Anglican church, St Matthews. It also has one of Australia's few traditional village squares.

New Norfolk has a rich hop-growing past and is still the centre of the surrounding hop-growing area, producing most of the hops for Australian breweries. Close to New Norfolk you'll notice some unusual looking buildings called oust houses that are used to dry the hops in preparation for the brewing process.

Further afield, New Norfolk is close to Mount Field National Park and the south-west wilderness beyond.

A wide range of accommodation options are available including grand old homestead, lodge and cottage accommodation.

New Norfolk is a 30-min drive (38 km) north-west of Hobart.

Local tips

  • Track down the grave of Betty King, née Elizabeth Thackery, on the northern side of the Derwent River, whose headstone reads "The first white woman to set foot in Australia" from the First Fleet at Botany Bay
  • Wander through the antique specialist stores where you'll find anything from Australian colonial furniture to Art Deco treasures
  • Simply stop and enjoy the beautiful river, mountain and valley views.