Tasmania’s best fly fishing

Local tips worth their weight in brown trout

Tasmanian fly fishing is known for its excellent sight-casting opportunities, shallow, clear water, and tenacious, fully-finned trout with their unique tail spots. There’s good reason champions travel from all over to fish here - in one of the last great, wild trout fisheries in the world.

Here you’ll find locals generous with their knowledge, with tips and tricks flowing as free and clear as our waters.

Four trout waters

We teamed up with local guides and flytiers to help you match the hatch at four of Tasmania’s best fly-fishing destinations.

"Tasmania has exceptional sight fishing across all seasons. The variety of fly fishing is enormous... highland streams, larger rivers, sea-run trout to wilderness lakes – we have the lot.”

Roger Butler, TGALT President

Find your perfect fishery

Tasmania offers a beautiful and diverse landscape of trout waters catering to all angler interests and skill sets. Fly fishers can choose from expansive estuaries, sweeping rivers, small creeks, crystal-clear lakes and remote tarns set in World Heritage landscapes, all within easy striking distance from the major population centres of Hobart and Launceston.

The fish here are wild and cunning, one of the purest strains of brown trout in the world, descending directly from roe transported lovingly in icy moss to Tasmania more than 150 years ago by homesick Englishmen.

There’s also plenty of the rarest commodity of all – solitude. Most days it’s easy to imagine that you’re the only angler on the island.

Fish with a local

Christopher Bassano, Australian fly fishing champion

Frequently asked questions

Where is the best fly fishing in Tasmania?

Tasmania is a diverse fishery so there are plenty of options. For river fishing, the North East is great for freestone rivers and small streams, the Midlands is a good choice for classic meadow rivers, and the south for forested rivers. For lake fishing, the Central Highlands shouldn’t be missed.

When’s the best time for fly fishing in Tasmania?

While the Tasmanian season opens on the first Saturday in August (brown trout) the best fishing starts around mid-October and runs through to mid-April.

What type of trout can I catch in Tasmania?

Anglers can expect to mainly encounter wild brown trout and rainbow trout. There are also brook trout in places like Clarence Lagoon and Lake Plimsol. Tiger trout (brown and brook hybrids) are stocked in several private fisheries, including 28 Gates farmstay.

How do I book a guide, lodge or private fishery?

For guided tour and fishery information, check in with Trout Guides and Lodges Tasmania (TGALT), Tasmania’s peak tourism trout guiding body. They can help you find accredited guides, accommodation and private fisheries. For guided tours try All Round Guide, Ken Orr’s Tasmanian Trout Expeditions or Driftwater.

What types of fly fishing can I do in Tasmania?

Most types of fly fishing are available on the island, but what really sets Tasmania apart from other destinations is the sight fishing. Anglers can expect to cast to rising, tailing and cruising trout and might also enjoy loch-style fishing in lakes and Euro-nymphing in rivers.

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