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Geeveston is a portal to see some of the island’s tallest trees and walk some its most accessible mountains. 

From a strong apple-growing and forestry heritage, the town has become a gateway to nearby forests and the alpine peaks of Hartz Mountains National Park.

Climb into the forest canopy on the Tahune Airwalk, an elevated walkway through the treetops, with a cantilevered platform 50m above the Huon River. Some of the world’s tallest trees, reaching heights up to 100m, grow in the surrounding valleys.

Hartz Mountains National Park forms part of the eastern edge of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area and, on a fine day, the popular hike to Hartz Peak unveils vast views across the wilderness.

Seek out the water at Port Huon, just 4km away, which was once a busy trading port for the export of apples and now has big, sweeping views of the Huon River.


Geeveston is a 1hr drive (60km) south-east of Hobart.


  • Hartz Mountains isn’t all mountains, despite the park’s name, with excellent short walks to Arve Falls and Lake Osborne.
  • Get in early for lunch at Masaaki’s Sushi. Open from midday on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, its sushi is highly regarded and sells out fast.

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