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Drink Tasmania Premium Tours

  • Drink Tasmania Premium Tours
  • Drink Tasmania Premium Tours
  • Drink Tasmania Premium Tours
  • Drink Tasmania Premium Tours
  • Drink Tasmania Premium Tours
  • Drink Tasmania Premium Tours

Drink Tasmania Premium Tours allows guests to sample the finest of Tasmania's whisky, wine, beer and cider all in one fabulous day.

Our tours have been designed to let guests experience the best of southern Tasmania's award-winning craft beverages. We offer full and half day tours. Our guides specialise in the craft beverages industry, having been winemakers, whisky producers, bartenders, restaurant owners and researchers. We have customised our tours to reflect what we love about the various industries in Tasmania and to show the vast diversities across producers. We have worked closely with producers to gain access to areas that aren’t always available to the public. Our relationships with the industry is what sets us apart and is what makes Drink Tasmania’s Premium Tours, truly memorable. Tour with the industry insiders!

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Brooke Street Pier, Franklin Wharf, Hobart, Tasmania, 7000

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    • Drink Tasmania Full Day Whisky Tour
    • We have taken over 1,000 whisky enthusiasts to Tasmania’s southern distilleries, giving them the opportunity to meet the industry, get behind the scenes, taste spirit direct from the stills and sip whisky straight from the cask. Distilleries we visit include - LARK DISTILLERY / MCHENRY DISTILLERY / TASMANIA DISTILLERY (SULLIVANS COVE) / BELGROVE DISTILLERY / SHENE ESTATE / REDLANDS DISTILLERY / NONESUCH DISTILLERY / OVEREEM DISTILLERY. Drink Tasmania's FULL DAY WHISKY TOUR gives you the opportunity to visit 3-4 distilleries in a single day, to taste up to ten Tasmanian single malt whiskies and spirits, to meet the whisky makers and to go behind the scenes of the distillation process. All while being guided and driven through spectacular Tasmanian landscapes from the Derwent River to the Southern Midlands to the Tasman Peninsula. We will visit different distilleries on different days of the week depending on availability, however we will always ensure we create the best and most diverse experience available on any given day.