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Heritage and history

No matter where you go in Tasmania, our well-preserved heritage and history is never far away . Discover a new side of Tasmania today.

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Tasmania's Heritage and History

Tasmania's history tells a tale of a brutal convict past, maritime adventure, mining and early industrial development. Unlike most places, this rich cultural and built heritage is still well preserved today.

It's easy to find fine examples of Tasmania's early architecture in our cities and towns around the island with many restored as accommodation, restaurants or attractions.

In Hobart there are some of the finest sandstone buildings remaining in Australia, like the stately Town Hall on Macquarie Street and the historic waterfront warehouses that line Salamanca Place.

Behind Salamanca are the workers' cottages and grand homes of Battery  Point, making it the best-preserved colonial-era suburb in Australia.

And in the north you'll find charming colonial villages and large country estates that paint a picture of early life in Tasmania.

For more about the island's fascinating beginnings and dark stories of the past visit any of our five UNESCO  World Heritage-listed convict sites.

In a world that replaces the old for the new, the past is always present in Tasmania and stories can be found just about everywhere, if you take the time to look.