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About Tasmania
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    • https://www.discovertasmania.com.au/home/explore/touring-routes/images/map_touring_routes_convict-trail.pnghttps://www.discovertasmania.com.au/what-to-do/self-drive/convicttrailA fascinating journey rich in convict history and natural beautyConvict Trail
    • https://www.discovertasmania.com.au/home/explore/touring-routes/images/map_touring_routes_cradle-country.pnghttps://www.discovertasmania.com.au/what-to-do/self-drive/cradle-countryFrom the North Coast’s patchwork agricultural hinterland to Cradle Mountain on the edge of Tasmania's World Heritage WildernessCradle Country
    • https://www.discovertasmania.com.au/home/explore/touring-routes/images/map_touring_routes_east-coast-escape.pnghttps://www.discovertasmania.com.au/what-to-do/self-drive/eastcoastA dramatic coastal drive that takes in Maria Island, Freycinet National Park and the beaches of the Bay of FiresGreat Eastern Drive
    • https://www.discovertasmania.com.au/home/explore/touring-routes/images/map_touring_routes_great-nature-trail.pnghttps://www.discovertasmania.com.au/what-to-do/self-drive/northwestOne of Australia’s most dramatic and beautiful coastal drives with spectacular national parks, abundant wildlife and maritime experiencesNorth West Coast
    • https://www.discovertasmania.com.au/home/explore/touring-routes/images/map_touring_routes_great-western-tiers-2.pnghttps://www.discovertasmania.com.au/what-to-do/self-drive/westerntiersA place of diverse beauty with spectacular natural features, history and heritageGreat Western Tiers
    • https://www.discovertasmania.com.au/home/explore/touring-routes/images/map_touring_routes_heritage-highway.pnghttps://www.discovertasmania.com.au/what-to-do/self-drive/heritagehighwayExplore charming Georgian villages, historic pastoral properties and enjoy the history of the place and its peopleHeritage Highway
    • https://www.discovertasmania.com.au/home/explore/touring-routes/images/map_touring_routes_huon-trail.pnghttps://www.discovertasmania.com.au/what-to-do/self-drive/huonA variety of landscapes, from the waters of the tranquil Huon River to the magnificent forests of the Hartz MountainsHuon Trail
    • https://www.discovertasmania.com.au/home/explore/touring-routes/images/map_touring_routes_north-east-trail.pnghttps://www.discovertasmania.com.au/what-to-do/self-drive/northeastDiscover Vineyards and rich farming areas contrasted with forests and stretches of beautiful unspoilt beachesNorth East Trail
    • https://www.discovertasmania.com.au/home/explore/touring-routes/images/map_touring_routes_rivers-run.pnghttps://www.discovertasmania.com.au/what-to-do/self-drive/riversrunA scenic journey past tranquil rivers, rolling hills and valleys to rugged mountain wilderness and giant forestsDerwent Valley and Beyond
    • https://www.discovertasmania.com.au/home/explore/touring-routes/images/map_touring_routes_tamar-valley.pnghttps://www.discovertasmania.com.au/what-to-do/self-drive/tamarvalleyExplore the majestic Tamar River from Launceston to Bass Strait as it meanders through the heart of vineyard country, past orchards, scenic pastures and forestsTamar Valley
    • https://www.discovertasmania.com.au/home/explore/touring-routes/images/map_touring_routes_west-coast-wilderness-way.pnghttps://www.discovertasmania.com.au/what-to-do/self-drive/westcoastOn from Cradle Mountain, explore World Heritage Wilderness and Tasmania's mining and convict pastWest Coast Wilderness
    • https://www.discovertasmania.com.au/home/explore/touring-routes/images/map_touring_routes_coast-to-coast.pnghttps://www.discovertasmania.com.au/what-to-do/self-drive/coasttocoastCombines the best of all our touring routes in a touring holiday you'll never forgetCoast to Coast
  • World Heritage
  • Destinations Destinations Destinations

    Discover Tasmania's cities, towns and special places

  • World Heritage areas World Heritage Areas World Heritage areas
    World Heritage areas

    Tasmania’s wilderness and compelling convict history are officially recognised as worthy of world heritage listing

  • Animals and plants Animals and Plants Animals and plants
    Animals and plants

    Tasmania is a natural haven for Australian wildlife with many animals and plants found no where else on earth. Start your adventure in Tasmania today.

  • Climate and weather Climate and weather Climate and weather
    Climate and weather

    With a cool temperate climate and four distinct seasons, Tasmania is a great place to beat the heat. Discover a new side of Tasmania today.

  • Articles about Tasmania Articles Articles about Tasmania
    Articles about Tasmania

    Articles provide more detailed information on Tasmania and what to do while you're here on holiday. Discover a new side of Tasmania today.

  • Your stories Your stories Your stories
    Your stories

    See what others are saying about Tasmania on our social hub, get your photo's featured or get inspired. Discover a new side of Tasmania today.

  • National Parks and Wilderness National Parks National Parks and Wilderness
    National Parks and Wilderness

    Discover spectacular landscapes, rugged highlands, quiet solitary beaches, rainforests and alpine wilderness wildflowers in Tasmania's national parks.

  • Insider Guides Insider Guides Insider Guides
    Insider Guides

    Discover some of Tasmania's best-kept secrets, adventures, walks and destinations from locals in the know. Discover a new side of Tasmania today.