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eGuide - Tasmanian Trail

Support for the Tasmanian Trail
Tasmanian Trail Support
Tasmanian Trail Support
Tasmanian trail support
Connecting Devonport in the north with Dover in the south, the Tasmanian Trail is a 460-kilometre-long path that explores the state forests, rural landscapes and country towns of the “Apple Isle”. It takes in the Great Western Tiers and the Central Highlands before passing through the Great Lakes region and down to the banks of the Derwent River. After travelling around the back of kunanyi/Mount Wellington along an old stock route, it continues through the orchard-filled Huon Valley. Aside from visiting Latrobe, Railton and Sheffield in the state’s north, the Tasmanian Trail also takes in Arthurs Lake, Bronte Park and New Norfolk, all of which have their own attractions to explore. It can be enjoyed by hikers, cyclists or horse riders, with campsites along the trail where you can overnight. From our base in Sheffield, we can support you along your Tasmanian Trail journey, including transport for both you and your luggage. Aside from getting you to and from Devonport and Dover (the start and end points of the trail), we can transport your luggage to each campsite or drive you along any legs of the trail that you don’t want to complete independently.

Does not cater for people with access needs.

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