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Western Wilds

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A place like nowhere else

Seek untamed wilderness, follow in the footsteps of pioneers and uncover wild stories of mining booms and busts in western Tasmania.

Tasmania’s west is known for its wilderness landscapes – temperate rainforests and alpine plains, mountains and glacial valleys, wild rivers and windswept coasts. Lesser known are the human stories of the Western Wilds: tales of survival, endurance, folly and grand vision that live on in local memory and heritage streetscapes. Take a steam train through the rainforest, haunt a ghost town and chat with locals. Drive the 99 Bends, and stand at the windswept edge of the world.

4 days in the Derwent Valley

Spanning orchards and farmland, dense rainforest and historical streetscapes, the Derwent Valley is the perfect entrée to Tasmania’s west.


4 days in the Central West

Explore the lake district of Tasmania’s Central Highlands, home to lakeside lodges, alpine wilderness and hydro history.


4 days in the North West

Wander in rainforests and chase waterfalls. The rugged landscapes of the north west deliver beauty and space to calm and excite in equal measure.


4 days on the West Coast

Unearth stories of convict courage, boom-and-bust mining fortunes and ghost towns, and delve into World Heritage wilderness on Tasmania’s west coast.


Plan your own journey

Every road, lane and track in Tasmania leads to discovery and surprise. Start plotting your own journey and see where the detours take you.


Things to do

Great road trips are made by the places and people you find along the way.
Take a break at these essential pit stops.

  • Art of the Western Wilds Art of the Western Wilds Art of the Western Wilds

    Chart a course to visit three public art installations, inspired by the region’s compelling stories.