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Memorable Moments
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8 Must do Memorable Moments

These stunning Tassie experiences will leave an ever-lasting impression. Leading travel photographers Jason Charles Hill and Emilie Ristevski share their tips for creating the most memorable Tassie moments.

Take in the magic

Experience dusk making its way into Cradle Valley from the shores of Dove Lake. If you find yourself lakeside in favourable weather, you'll see an amazing reflection that's more like a painting than real life.

Dove Lake at Cradle Mountain / Emilie Ristevski

an amazing reflection that's more like a painting than real life

Go take a hike

Experience some of the most beautiful, remote and raw landscapes in Australia, where you'll find views of stunning alpine landscapes and towering mountains like these.

A walking track to a mountain in the Tasmanian wildnerness

Barn Bluff / Emilie Ristevski

stunning alpine landscapes and towering mountains

Stay at Pumphouse Point

A stay at Pumphouse Point feels like sleeping on water, perhaps because you are – the Pumphouse is located at the end of a 250-metre flume and seems to float on Australia's deepest natural lake. For something a little more secluded, check out The Retreat hidden on the edge of lake.

Wineglasses and books by a fire in a cabin accommodation overlooking a lake in Tasmania

Pumphouse Point on Lake St Clare / Emilie Ristevski

Watch the sunset from kunanyi / Mount Wellington

Some of the most beautiful views over Hobart are from the summit of kunanyi / Mount Wellington. It's the perfect place to watch the sun go down over the city. Rug up with a blanket and watch the pastel colours fill the sky.

Sun setting over Hobart from summit of kunanyi / Mt Wellington mountain wilderness Tasmania

Hobart from the summit of kunanyi/Mt Wellington / Emilie Ristevski

the perfect place to watch the sun go down

Find a mountain hut

Hidden away in the remote landscapes of the Tasmanian highlands is a collection of alpine huts. Used mainly as emergency shelters, they are a stark reminder of the rawness and unpredictability of the Tassie's weather. They're also a great place to stop for lunch.

A wilderness hut on a plateu near top of Cradle Mountain Tasmania

Mountain hut, Cradle Mountain / Jason Charles Hill

Experience the rugged

Witness the raw and rugged Tasman Sea meet the spectacular 300 metre high cliffs of the Tasman Peninsula. With some of the highest sea cliffs in Australia, the Tasman Peninsula is famous for its dramatic coastline and natural diversity that is completely awe inspiring.

Tasman Island and Cape Pillar of the Three Capes Track aerial photo

Sea cliffs, Tasman National Park / Jason Charles Hill

some of the highest sea cliffs in Australia

Climb every mountain

Wake up early to watch the sunrise from Hanson's Peak. About an hour hike from the Dove Lake car park you can find yourself amongst the clouds. Even if the view is hampered by mist, it's still a beautiful experience catching glimpses of the surrounding mountains.

Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake view from Hansons Peak Tasmania

Settle in for some stargazing

On a clear night you can find yourself counting the stars over Dove Lake. Experiencing Cradle Mountain like this with your own eyes is a magical way to end your stay in Tasmania.

Cradle Mountain reflected over Dove Lake at night by starry skies Tasmania wildnerness

Dove Lake / Jason Charles Hill

Page banner: Wineglass Bay, East Coast / Jason Charles Hill

March 2019